The Mumbai unit of youth Hostels Association of India is dedicated unit of Youth Hostel approx. for more than 30 years.The Mumbai Unit has been associated with various trekking programs which includes local weekend treks in Sahyadri’s, Rock climbing and rappelling sessions. The unit is therefore instrumental in popularizing the trekking activity in Mumbai.Till 1985 Mumbai Unit was the only unit in Mumbai conducting trekking activities for Youth Hostel Association of India. To popularize the trekking activity across the city, Mumbai Unit played a pivotal role in setting up various units.

The following is a list of few of the important programs conducted by Mumbai unit over the years:


  1. In 1984 successfully organized the Trek to Raigad for visually handicapped people
  2. The few of the successful treks organized by Mumbai unit in Himalayas are as under
    1. Ladakh (1987)
    2. Pindhari – Kafni (1993 & 1996)
    3. Arunachal Pradesh
    4. Coorg (1996)
    5. Sarang Sangla (1999)
    6. Markha Valley
    7. Nubra Valley

And many more…

The unit also conducted various treks around the Sahyadri ranges where the average participation was 40 per trek. In the year 1987, the unit had organized trek to Chinchoti Waterfall where the unit had a record participation of 300 trekkers.


  • Kanghyashi                                     1996 ( Height 21,200 ft.)
  • Stok-Kangri                                     2000
  • Gulab Kangri                                     2003 (Height 18,000 ft.)
  • Rutubhaira                                     2004
  • Friendship – Ladakhi – Shitidhar 2007

 Cycling Rallies 

  • Nashik to Delhi in 1985 to participate in Youth Festival Held in New Delhi. A total of 48 participants took part of which 38 were from Mumbai Unit.
  • Narendra Singh organized Ladakh cycle trial in 1986, 8 participants attended the program. Mumbai unit again organized the cycle trail in 1996
  • Mumbai to Katmandu during 1987 (Mr. Raja & Mr. Narendra Singh)
  • From 1985 to 1987, to commemorate the Youth day, Mumbai unit organized cycling rally from Borivali to Gateway of India (Total distance of 42 kms.)

Rock-Climbing/Pinnacle Climbing

Hadbichi Shendi                  1995
Lingana                                 1985 by Mr. Satish Amberkar
Mahuli Ranges                    1999 by Mr. Raghuveer Lotlikar
Dukes Nose                          2002 by Mr. Raghuveer Lotlikar
And many more…

Keeping with the changing time the unit has also ventured into the cyber world with its very own website and Mumbai unit is connected with its participants through its various social networking websites.

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